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Years of Experience: 10 YEARS.

No. of years at i5 Fitness: 3 years
Education & Certification:
1. HSC
2. Golds gym Institute (GGFI) – Certified Fitness Trainer
3. IFBB pro Dennis James work shop certification
4. IFBB pro Dennis James the Menace camp certification
Area of expertise: Fat loss, muscle gain, transformation expert.
Biggest achievement: IFBB NPC top 5 in Mr. India 2021
Specialises in: Transforming special population clients, muscle gain, group training, inventing interesting functional training exercises as well.
Passionate about: Training my Personal clients as well as helping others on gym floor by correcting their forms and postures
Favourite workout: Legs (squats) / Back (deadlift) / Chest (incline bench Db.)
Outside interest: Bike Ride, clubbing, cricket.
Any important or interesting facts: To be forever learning about physical, mental and spiritual health.

Full Name – Altamash Ayyub Sayyed

Years of experience – 8 yrs.

No. of years at i5 Fitness – 1 year

Education & Certification- 

1. HSC,

2. IFSA – Certified Personal Trainer

Area of expertise-Transformation And Rehab

Biggest achievement – 

1. Gold Medal in 90kgs + Bodybuilding Category at IFBB Pro League Regionals 2020

Specialises in- muscle building, fat loss, weight gain.

Passionate about – living simple life, bodybuilding.

Favourite workout- Legs , Trapezius.

Outside interest – Carrom

Any important or interesting facts- Apply new workout techniques and diet protocols for

Reaching the goals.

Full Name – Manpreet Singh Saini.  Years of Experience – 8+ years.

No. of years at i5 Fitness- 2 years

Education & Certification- 

1. GGU – Certified Personal Trainer 

2. ACSM – Certified Personal Trainer

3. NSCA – Functional and cross training

Area of expertise- Transformation And Rehab

Biggest achievement-

1. Transformed myself 150+kgs to 100kg with 7% bodyfat 

2. Satish Sugar classic 2017 top 5 in 100+group

Specialises in- Fat loss without skin problem, and keto diet expert / Sports specific Training

Passionate about – Helping people for changing their lifestyle.

Favourite workout- Power movement’s /Functional Training

Outside interest- visiting new places and Gaining practical knowledge from best people from fitness industry

Any important or interesting facts- We can learn from books but as a trainer we should apply right things or exercise for person to person. Knowledge is Power.

Full Name – Rushikesh. A. Parab
Years of experience – 5+ years
No. of years at i5 Fitness – 3 years
1. B.Sc(IT) Graduate.
2. K11 Certified Personal Trainer.

Area of expertise – Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Nutrition.
Biggest Achievement – Bronze Medal at Navodit Mumbai Shree 2017 in 55 kg (Bodybuilding).

Specialises in designing workout routine as per the need of clients also consulting about nutrition.

Passionate about – Helping others reaching their goals not only by losing fat or gaining muscles but also keeping them away from injuries and overexertion.

Favourite workout – Chest (Bench Press).

Outside interest – Cycling, Playing Carrom & Trekking

Any important or interesting facts: Fitness comes within us.
No one can Hand it to you, but no one can take it away either.

Name : Pankaj Vishwakarma

Years of experience : 10 years

No. of years at i5 Fitness : 3 years 

Education & Certification : 

1. B.Com graduate, 

2. American council on exercise (ace-cpt),

3. better fitness for you (personal trainer) & (fitness trainer), 

4. certified Functional trainer ,

5. First aid and CPR certified from The Bombay city ambulance corp.

6. Nutritional expert.

Area of expertise : Fat loss, hypertrophy, muscle endurance, speed and agility training, muscle strength, stability and cardio respiratory fitness.

Biggest achievement : Transformation of a Parkinson Patient : 

For me you win when your client win, when he/she successfully achieve his/her goal. I was training a 88 year old man who has Parkinson disease (disorder of Central nervous system)who was unable to stand on his feet but he was never willing to quit. At the beginning thing were very tough but slowly things started coming in our  hand that were use to be very difficult to performe, and after a year or lets say some very hard working days he was able to not only stand on his feet but he could walk. It made him happy the effort he made finally paid him i could feel the happiness and joy that was happening around me .To be the best version of you as a coach, you have to walk in your client shoe.you need to understand the mechanism.

Specialises in training special populations, designing the best workout program according to the client goal/need.

Passionate about : training people and educating them about the need of resistance training in their daily routine.

Favourite workout: upper body all push and pull exercise

Outside interest: Cricket 

Any important or interesting facts. : What you think you become.

Full Name : Danish Imtiaz Ahmed

Years of experience : 1+ year

No. of years at i5 Fitness : 3 months

Education & Certification :
-Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS)
-Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute- Certified Fitness Trainer
-INFS- Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Specialises in :
-Goal oriented fitness programming
-Nutrition Counselling
-General lifestyle coaching

Passionate about : Upgrading knowledge related to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes through books, experienced coaches and mentors, Learning new workout techniques, Creating a positive impact in people’s life through health and fitness.
-Educating clients about achieving their goals in a sustainable manner.

Achievements: Acting for a few YouTube videos. Skinny to Fit self transformation. Helping people to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

Favourite workout: Back and Legs

Outside interest: Electronic Music, Networking, Socialising with like minded people

Favourite quotes:  Practice what you preach, Knowledge is power, Aspire to Inspire


Years of experience- 5 YEARS

No. of years at i5 Fitness- 3 MONTHS

Education & Certification-
1. B.COM

Area of expertise- Muscle building and fat loss

Specialises in:  STRENGTH / FLEXIBILITY / AGILITY / FUNCTIONAL / CARDIO training and GROUP CLASSES and nutrition

Passionate about- Enhancing knowledge and skills , with that to deliver drastic transformation to clients.

Favourite workout- LEGS & CHEST

Outside interest – TRECKING


Years of Experience- 3 years

No. Of years in i5 fitness – 1 year

Education & Certfication-
-Certified Personal Trainer (IFSA)

Specialises in:
Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Transformation, Functional training, Strength training.

Passionate about:
Body Building and Inspiring others to follow a Healthy Lifestyle.

Favourite workout-
Leg (especially squats), Back

Outside Interest- Cricket & Travelling

Passionate about-  Learning Physical & Mental Health and be able to share knowledge with others.



Certified personal trainer.
Nutrition and supplementation.

Specialise : Weight training / functional.

Passionate : Bodybuilding

Favourite workout : Deltoid and Back