About Us


i5 Fitness is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts which provides the best services and facilities to encourage and push your gym experience to a whole new level, always. We at i5 understand that Functionality is the key to improve your performance which is why everything in our gym has been tailor- made to fulfill this purpose.


The range of equipments installed at i5 is the best, both in terms of numbers and their functionality, whether it is about losing weight & fat, building or toning muscles, increasing flexibility, building strength or improving cardiovascular health.

i5 focuses in following the right techniques and methods of each exercise. You are sure to get proper guidance from our efficient trainers.


i5 is an ideal place to cater the needs to everyone from a beginner to a pro-fitness freak. i5 also conducts exciting and challenging Fitness Events along with Outdoor events such as Boot-Camps for its members.These activities are conducted by certified, energetic and highly trained fitness trainers who will ensure you have Fun while getting Fit.


  • Steam
  • Shower
  • Temporary Storage lockers
  • Fitness testing, Goal Setting, Measuring Tapes and Body Fat Analysis to keep a regular tab on your Fitness levels
  • In-house supplement Partner.
  • Parking


  • Strength: 32 Stations (Glute isolation machine, 90 degree leg press, Sissy Squats machine, Range of Isolateral machines for each muscle group)
  • Cardio : 16 Stations ( Treadmills , Indoor Cycling Bikes & Ellipticals )
  • And functional equipments  ( Prowler Push, Monkey Bar, Gymnastic Rings, TRX, Tyre, Bosu Ball, Medicine Ball, Kettle bells, Skipping Ropes )


  • Certified and Experienced Fitness expert
  • Scientifically monitored personal training programme.

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